Antoine G.

During a photo-shoot for the Menstories cosmetics brand, I had the chance to try one of your Kendo skirts. I wanted to tell you that I was very satisfied for its cut, its comfort as well as the look and the image rendered. I enclose the photo made ...

Camille N.

Camille promotes the french design and craftmanship know-how with his association L'atelier d'Insom'niac.

Cécile A.

Thank you, we are so glad !

Daniel S.

As promised some pictures of our wedding in Jukeboxe long men's skirt. The wearing of the skirt was very well received by our guests, friends and family. See you soon for buying a new skirt (short this time) ! ...

Éric M.

My wife and my teenage daughters welcomed this new piece of clothes very positively. I inaugurated it this afternoon by going to take a family walkabout at a book festival. The photo is taken Place Stanislas in Nancy. I went to join a group of militant friends and was surprised at the lack of surprise. It was mostly discussed between activists, no matter how well dressed! It is in this spirit that I want to wear it: not to show me (I have nothing very charismatic) but to go about my usual activities, simply by expanding my clothing possibilities. And if in passing it can shake a little of the received ideas, so much the better! As I am a great cyclist, I even found a way to ride my bike. I do not know if it's very conventional ... I grabbed the back of the skirt and back between my legs before wedging in the belt. It seems a little that I have a harem pants ... But in any case I pedal without problem, the skirt is far from the chain and wheels!

Éric R.

Eric is a professional model and comedian. He is part of our muses! Passionate about the world, ecology and the human, it is always a rich and exciting adventure to work with him. He embodies our first DAW collection!

Florian P.

Florian is a photographer, but this time he is the model !

Frédéric M.

I happily found my brown ''Sparte'' skirt in my mailbox on my way home from holidays! I just love it ! And with this time, it's really very appreciable! :) The second skirt is adopted! And already I'm eyeing the short khaki Jukeboxe... Hiatus is addictive, no ?! :) I feel that there will not be as much time between the second and the third one, as between the first and the second! : D

Jérôme D.

Jerome is a cutler craftsman. He regularly wears our modernized kilts, during public presentations of remolding or about his know-how about how to create knives. He even has a Hiatus skirt made of a patchwork leathers.

Julien W.

Julien is a scientist and researcher in the field of water, he often wears the Ninja skirt and poses regularly for our photo shootings

Marc V.

Dressed with your Ninja skirt, I made a lecture about Marcel Duchamp in May, near the city of Nantes. Thispicture was taken during the gesticulated conference, during the tiny festival at "La Motte aux Cochons", Saint Hilaire de Chaléons, entitled: "New frame of reference, the bride bare by her singles"!

Romain G. L.

Thanks a lot, the shape is perfect !

Sébastien S.

I am a hairdresser and entrepreneur, my salon is called "COIFFURE" simply because I found it funny. I am rather visionary in my life and in my cuts, I never have the same hairstyle or the same style of clothing ... Spring came with its new wind, and I wanted a long saroual for start but that was not enough ... so I went on the net to look for info on a short but chic masculine saroual and modern when I came across The association for wearing the skirt for men (H.E.J), I fell soon enough on your site upscale and I liked all your models ! You are considerate, effective and addictive! I immediately worn your creation, and my very heterogeneous clientele was unanimous !! It's chic and urban !!! I remain masculine, ethnic and urban, that is how my dress season and in my haircuts will be!

Thibaut P. S.

My son, despite himself, was the source of my approach. He is not yet 5 years old, and already began to say "that's for girls". Wishing to act quickly, I found your website and I fell in love with the skirt for men. What beautiful products! This photo, taken on New Year's Day, immortalizes my first "public" outing in a skirt. And I loved it! The comfort, the look, some form of release mixed with excitement ... And my son was all proud with his black tutu over his (+ classic) pants-shirt! This first step - under control - passed successfully, it is now a matter of wearing them on a daily basis, in my country of residence (Norway). This is the story that this photo tells me. I will keep you informed of my first experiences in Norway.

Victor A.

Hello Jennifer, sorry for my late response. I was on a business journey. I was very excited when I unpacked the kilt. I LOVE IT! The quality is AWESOME!!!
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