Welcome in a french designed luxurious fashion menswear world, specialized in menskirts, modern djellabas and revisited kilts in a contemporary multicultural mood.

multicultural inspirations

luxurious cuts and patterns

custom made clothes sewn piece by piece

know-how + urbanities + traditional knowledge

french pattern makers

The Doctor Alba White guides from another temporality. Giving their trust to the jackdaw (DAW), the messenger bird, the pattern-makers duo, Jenn M. and Jeang B. accompanies the changes of mentalities that are occuring all over the world. As an easthetic ''chanelling'' that proposes garements as a remedy, D.A.W brings to contemporary man a way to open-mindeness, to better and pacified listening toward people and tribes, through a symbiosis between populations and their diversities, however spaces and times. Visit the showroom and workshop of Doctor Alba White on rendez-vous.

The D.A.W man becomes a messenger for Humanity.

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