is the slightly crazy challenge of two French designers, one female and one male! This brand, which was created in Nîmes in 2008, is the very first brand of men’s ready-to-wear clothes to be entirely dedicated to male skirts. High-end French local production and contemporary design are our specific strengths. We draw, cut and sew all designs which you will see on this website.

Jennifer is in charge of sketching the new designs and of cutting patterns and materials. Computer graphics, catalogues, the online shop, blogging, parcel preparation, management and FB also make up her daily business! Jean-Guy also sketches designs, makes patterns and applies a grading system to sizes. He is very skillful in sketching and tailoring designs! He is also one of the men shown in the online shop and you will undoubtedly notice his daily appearances in the social networks.

After 10 years, we have welcomed Felicia Walsh in the cutting and the tailoring departments, and few trainees help us with Instagram and communication... We turn to different photographers for the fashion shots depending on the spirit of the new collections and most models are friends of us who are professionals or not. We want to bring the maximum degree of realism into our work and make the choice of natural models with ‘lifelike’ body shapes.


The pattern-cutting room and the tailoring workshop are located in Nîmes in Southern France. All kilts and male skirts, jackets and experimentations are on sale in the online shop. Everything is cut and tailored on order. Thus, we do not keep stocks, we make the piece of clothing on receipt of the online order. Please come to visit us and try on pieces of clothing at your disposal in the workshop. We shall be delighted to advise you on the designs best suited to your figure!


We favour textiles made of natural fibres that are woven in Europe. We have been working with the same suppliers for a very long time. The strength, the pleasant handle and an easy care are the characteristics of our fabrics. We have selected 100% cotton gabardines that are woven in Germany and England. Linen is woven in Lithuania which is renowned for its age-old tradition of weaving this natural fibre. Wool used for suits comes from old wool linens dating as far back as the 50s or of wool linens woven in Italy that are made of 100% pure wool.


We believe in evolution, change and renewal.
We believe in positivity, smiles and exchange.
We believe in sustainable development, local manufacturing and the exchange of good practices.
Our clothes are intended to be worn and live for several years.
Our priority is to enrich the male wardrobe aptly with cuts designed for everyday life and easiness of movement adapted to walking and men’s lifestyle.


Far more than a mere fashion brand, Hiatus is first and foremost a small human-sized business that wishes to develop progressively and to ensure an exemplary quality of work for its employees. It is essential for us to respect each person’s own rhythm and capabilities and you can see it in our products! We work together with craftsmen, artists and customers with whom we are now befriended to improve our designs, to refine our perception and capture the spirit of the times.
You can discover this universe of ours by visiting our blog: We are members of the local association called “Je m’àNîmes” and our workshop has two open days over a week end during the so-called “Journées des Métiers d’art”.
The support that you express on social networks and during your visits is extremely important to us and encourages us to carry on working every morning! Please like our profiles on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest!


Because we have been hanging on to our vision for 10 years, we have received:
- The «Prix HEJ» for promoting the male skirt in everyday life
- The «prix Surprends Ma rue» for our Un-Bin Collection made in recycled tarpaulins
We were ranked among the top-10 Occitania’s designers by The Midi Libre newspaper.

photographies : Patricia Hamel @patricia_hamel_

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